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Escape and Flaunt - Fairview, Alberta | Workshops


DREAM CATCHERS don't catch dreams, they CREATE them!
Sunday, June 4. - NOON-5
6" Dream Catcher.
Coffee/tea and snacks provided.

Must call Escape & Flaunt to register!

The idea that dream catchers hang over our beds, trapping our bad dreams, is a simple and westernized interpretation.
Traditionally, they are so much more, holding heartfelt meaning and manifestations.

The intention behind every dream catcher is unique and personal. Whether you are making a Dreamcatcher for yourself, a loved one, or newborn baby, you are creating something specific for this person. It could be a dream you have for the future, a story you are working on or wanting to heal. It could be about money, creativity, femininity, or your living location. A dream catcher is whatever you need it to be.
As you weave your dream you need to be specific on what it is you're creating, and that is where Dallal comes in! Dallal is truly amazing at guiding you and helping get to the heart of it all. With a class size of only 8, you will get all the time needed to work on your story.

Dallal provides everything needed to make your dream catcher, but it if you have personal items that represent your dream, please do bring them! They could be small objects, jewelry, fabrics, or anything you consider precious.

It is an amazing afternoon, in a special environment, where the collective work is very warm and gratifying.

This will be the last DREAM CATCHER WORKSHOP before summer!

*PSST- a heads up* in the fall we are planning to have a WILLOW FRAME - Dream Catcher Workshop -- invites will be given FIRST to those who have taken this INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP.

LAST CHANCE - Sunday, June 4th.
FROM NOON, running until about 5:00.
(Please don't be in a rush to leave as there is a closing circle

June 9th - 11am - 6pm

Join our super fun, and very important FUNDRAISER for the FAIRVIEW FOOD BANK!!
ONE BAG PER CHILD- Space is limited, please call to book!
Escape & Flaunt - 780.835.3580

Working with Angels (2 Day Workshop)

Move from “I can’t” to “I can” and trust in your own power.
Connect with your inner wisdom, guidance, and intuition!

June 17 + 18, 2017
Investment: $218. Includes an Angel Oracle Deck!

Whether you are new or experienced in working in the Angelic realm, you will leave at the end of the weekend feeling empowered, relaxed and connected.

• Learn to trust yourself;
• Learn to communicate with the Angelic realm;
• Gain new insights to self through guided meditations;
• Learn to clear your energy centres (chakras) to enhance your own clarity;
• Learn how your thoughts can empower and heal;
• Learn about energy cords and how to cut them for yourself;
• Gain experience using an Angel Oracle Cards deck.

Yehta Pearl Smith, AEP, has been working with Angels since 2010; she has taken training from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, with most of her studies being conducted by Cindy Smith, ATP, AEP. This knowledge and connection to her Angels has been life-changing, and Yehta truly loves sharing that with you!

When: June 17 + 18, 2017
Where: Escape & Flaunt, Fairview, AB
Cost: $218. Includes an Angel Oracle Deck!
Register: by Phone at 778-789-4144, or
by Email to yehtapearl@outlook.com


June 21- Angel Spa Night
 'Come spend quality time with your Angel Team!'

We will get the energy flowing, come to know some of the Archangels, and clear anything which may be holding you back.

By the end of the evening, you will feel clear, refreshed, and calm, knowing your own true value!

When: June 21, 2017 7pm-9pm
Where: Escape & Flaunt, Fairview, AB
Register: by Phone at 778-789-4144, or
by Email to yehtapearl@outlook.com